Now you have got to grips with reporting, it's time to start interviewing. To earn the S2R Silver Journalist Medal, you must demonstrate research and interview skills. Practice with people you know and then ultimately with a professional sports person or special guest.
  1. Task 1 Vox Pop

    Capture Vox Pops either in your group or with people you know. You could ask about their best sporting memories, or predictions for an upcoming event.

    Examples: Click here for an example Vox Pop

    Top Tips: Download Vox Pops resource.

  2. Task 2 Conduct an interview

    Conduct an interview with either a special guest, or somebody you don’t know. It’s important to demonstrate that you are professional, so plan, rehearse and test out your questions in advance. Also, as a group think about the interview set up including sound and lighting.

    Examples: Click here for an example and here is another example

    Top Tips: Download Research and Interview Techniques resources.

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