One of the best ways to be healthy is to have an active lifestyle. Take the activity challenge, develop new ways to enjoy getting your heart beating and share your favourite activities.
  1. Task 1 Make a change

    Choose an activity that you would like to add in to your day.

    It could be walk to school or play in the garden for thirty minutes after school.

    The Task
    Share a video, photograph or some text about your new activity. Why do you like doing it? How can it become part of your regular daily activity?

  2. Task 2 30 minute challenge

    Do you do 30 minutes of activity every day?

    This could be playing with your friends, walking to the bus, playing with your brother or sister in the garden, swimming, kicking a ball in the park, playing rounders with your family, scooting or cycling.

    The Task
    Write a diary of your daily activities. How do you feel after doing activity? What are your favourite ways to be active?

    You can use the activity diary to keep a note of your daily activities, how they felt and whether you would recommend them to a friend.

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