Awarded to anyone who designs and builds an awesome den!
  1. Task 1 Watch the Video

    Watch the video below to learn about den building.

  2. Task 2 Find Materials

    Have a look around your house for anything that might be good for making a den. Boxes, cushions, sheets, pegs...the list is endless! Make sure you ask permission from the adults of the house to use what you find before you start!

  3. Task 3 Design your Den

    Now you have your materials, think about how you will construct your den. Maybe have a go at drawing what it will look like when its finished. Think about how to make it as strong as possible and also what you will use your den for when its finished….are you going to read in it, eat lunch, play?

  4. Task 4 Build It

    Using your materials and design, get building! If you come up against problems, try to solve them by amending your original design. Why not get some help from someone. Its good to start small and simple…..remember you can always make an extension!

  5. Task 5 Share your Den

    Once it's complete, take a photo of your den and send it to We’ll then send you your badge claim code and instructions for how to claim it. We’ll also share your photo on the Den Experiment website!

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