We recommend that you carefully read through all the missions required for each Digital Leader badge before you start, to identify what you need to do and what evidence to collect as you go along.
  1. Task 1 Level 2 Educator Badge - Task One

    I can use a simple audit or other system to identify the needs of learners. This means you need to have understood the needs of a group of learners (working with them in real time or as planning). You need to describe how you worked out what the learner needed (learning objectives).

  2. Task 2 Level 2 Educator Badge - Task Two

    I can create and deliver appropriate materials to meet the needs of a range of learners such as students, staff and parents. Your evidence must include links to your material(s) and you must describe how each set of materials is appropriate for those learners.

  3. Task 3 Level 2 Educator Badge - Task Three

    I can evaluate my learning sessions showing that the needs of the learners were successfully met including feedback from others. You need to show how you know that you met the learning objectives and your evidence must include some witness statements from your learners showing that the presentation was effective and engaging

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