This is the secondary level badge for oral health. To earn this badge, you have to show that you understand the science behind healthy teeth, and show that you can take responsibility for your own oral hygiene with care and confidence. You will also need to help spread the word to younger children on the importance of looking after your teeth.
  1. Task 1 Watch the Brush DJ video!

    Watch this video about important things to remember when brushing your teeth.

    Make a story on Makewaves that explains what you learned from the video - what tips and techniques will create the most effective brushing? Why is it important to brush? This infographic and downloads may help. You could write your own song, rap or poem to share with peers or younger children to encourage good oral hygiene.

    Submit your evidence via a story on Makewaves that can include a video, audio or images and that can be shared with your target audience. Why not include a list of your favourite songs to brush for two minutes to?

    There are some free downloadable resources here.

  2. Task 2 Share what you know!

    Now that you know more about how to look after your teeth, it's time to share what you know with the world and spread the word about keeping your teeth healthy.

    For this task, you need to create an advert for looking after your teeth. It could be a poster, a leaflet, a video, or a photograph.

    You need to upload evidence of your advert and also how you shared it with other people to make sure your message was shared with others.

  3. Task 3 Optional extra: experiments

    You can try out these experiments from Me and My Teeth 1 and also support others to have a go at these in a spread the word session.

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