To earn this badge, you have to show that you know how to look after your teeth and help to spread the word about the importance of keeping your teeth healthy!
  1. Task 1 Molar: Looking after your teeth

    Read the information on this page all about looking after your teeth.

    Make a story on Makewaves that explains what you've learned. Your story could be a poem or a song about why it is important to brush your teeth. Try to include at least five facts about looking after your teeth.

    You could include a selfie with your toothbrush or a picture or video you've made showing how best to brush your teeth!

  2. Task 2 Incisor: Brush up on Oral Health!

    Do this experiment to see how much sugar is in different foods or have a go at some of the games and activities on this page.

    Create something to share with your friends to help them learn more about food and oral health. This could be:

    • a poster to go up in your classroom
    • a game based on the sugar content in different foods
    • a TEETH assembly or presentation to deliver to the school
    • role play a dental clinic with an inflatable chair, face mask, gloves, aprons, large toothbrush and set of teeth
    • organise a competition to see who can brush their teeth closest to two minutes without looking at a clock
    • organise a competition to see if children can guess the sugar content of various fizzy drinks and foods (see the information for a selection of food and drink)
    Share your activity on Makewaves with a story containing photos, images, a written account and submit as your evidence.

  3. Task 3 Canine: Try the egg-speriment! (optional)

    Have a go at the experiment described in this video.

    There is a step-by-step guide to doing the experiment here.

    Record what you do in writing, or take photos and videos to document your progress.

    Upload a report of what you did to Makewaves for your evidence for this task, and include pictures and videos where possible.

    What amazed you most about the result of your experiment?

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