Get the lowdown on germs - what they are, how they spread and what you can do to stop them & fight the flu. To earn this badge you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of germs, and there are some videos and worksheets in the links to help you research them. Good luck!
  1. Task 1 Understand how germs spread

    Watch the e-bug video on this page and if you can, work through the Touch Print Worksheet (SW1) that is linked lower down the page.

    Create a story on Makewaves that demonstrates what you learned from the video and the worksheet, and submit this as evidence.

    Your story could include a video to help others understand how germs spread, informative text following your experiment or a series of photographs showing what you tested and what you discovered.

    Teachers download free KS3 resources here and KS4 resources here.

  2. Task 2 Reduce the spread of germs

    Watch the e-bug video on this page about the spread of germs from sneezing.

    For this task you need to show that you understand how to prevent the spread of germs when people sneeze, and the steps you can take to reduce the potentially harmful spread of microbes.

    You could try to recreate the experiments shown in the video, and use the worksheets on the page to help you.

    Once you have gained an understanding of how germs spread, create a story in Makewaves to submit as evidence for your badge. Your evidence could include a poster to go in your classroom, a video to help others understand how to stop the spread or photographs of your experiment and the results.

  3. Task 3 Flu immunisation

    To learn about flu immunisation, you can read the background information section in the Vaccination Pack, which you can download from here.

    You could also use the following websites for researching this topic:

    Use the internet to research the story of Edward Jenner and his discovery of the first vaccine. Discover how harmless microbes can help protect us against deadly ones.

    Create a story on Makewaves sharing what you have learned about immunisations, explaining why it is important to get immunised against diseases like flu. Submit the story as your evidence for this task.

  4. Task 4 Optional extra - Spread the word

    Talk with a group of younger children to help them understand what you have learned - the importance of hand hygiene, how to stop the spread of germs and how vaccinations can help. You may like to help them carry out one of the experiments around hand or respiratory hygiene.

    For your badge evidence, take some photos of your session or ask a friend to interview the children about your session.

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