To earn this badge you need to show you can use technology safely and respectfully, keeping your personal information private. You will need to identify where to go for help and support when you have problems online, and show that you can be a safe user of online technologies.
  1. Task 1 Use technology safely

    Write a story on Makewaves about something you have done that involved using technology. Make sure you explain the steps you took to make sure you used the technology safely.

    For example, how you decided whether an email was safe to open, or knowing that some computer games are only suitable for older children to play.

  2. Task 2 Keep personal information private

    Keeping personal information private is one of the most important elements of online safety.

    For this task, you need to demonstrate how you kept your personal information private when using the internet. Upload your evidence into a story on Makewaves.

  3. Task 3 Use technology respectfully

    The World Wide Web freely offers a great deal of information that we can use, but it is important we consider very carefully how we use that information so as to remain safe and legal.

    For this task, you need to demonstrate that you have used technology respectfully. For example, the ways you provide feedback to others online, or the use of other people's images online.

  4. Task 4 Identify sources of help and support

    It is important that you know what you would do if you experienced a problem while using the internet.

    For this task, you need to show that you can identify appropriate ways to respond to problems you experience when using the web.

    You might want to write about what you do and who you talk to when you see something bad online, or write about websites and other resources that help to keep you safe when browsing the web.

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