Get the lowdown on germs - what they are, how they spread and what you can do to stop them & fight the flu. To earn this badge you will take part in specialised experiments that include flying green food colouring - beware.
  1. Task 1 Understand how germs spread

    Watch the e-bug video and complete the e-bug spread of germs activity in small groups.

    Create a story on Makewaves that demonstrates what you learned and submit this as evidence.

    Your story could include a video to help others understand how germs spread, informative text following your experiment or a series of photographs showing what you tested and what you discovered.

    Watch the video and download e-bug's Horrid Hands.

    This experiment can be carried out with cooking oil and cinnamon that cane found in most supermarkets.

    Teachers download free KS1 resources here and KS2 resources here.

  2. Task 2 Reduce the spread of germs

    Watch the e-bug video, complete the gory experiment and super sneezes table.

    Create something that will help others to stop the spread of germs and upload evidence of this.

    Your evidence could include a poster to go in your classroom, a video to help others understand how to stop the spread or photographs of your experiment and the results.

    Watch the video and explore the experiment pack.

  3. Task 3 Flu immunisation

    Watch the video to find out about the amazing story of Edward Jenner and his discovery of the first vaccine. Discover how harmless microbes can help protect us against deadly ones. You can also download a story of the script and act it out.

    Film your recreation of the story and upload to Makewaves or write a story on Makewaves sharing what you have learned about immunisations. Submit this as your evidence.

    Watch the video and access downloads.

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