This award shows that as a student at Ormiston Venture Academy the recipient had shown good knowledge of how we should be tolerant to each other and how to help make sure they and their peers stay safer in the academy as a result.
  1. Task 1 Complete all Ventrivia Quizzes on the week beginning 2nd June

    The theme of the week is Tolerance through Football - so looking at how we can be more tolerant of each other which would help us all have more respect for ourselves and each other and there be less instances where people don't feel comfortable in the academy. Show you have taken an interest in what is discussed in PL each morning by completing each of the 4 Ventrivia's on racism, homophobia, sexism and bullying vs banter.

  2. Task 2 Complete Lesson homework - add a story

    In your humanities or cultural studies lesson this week you will have been set a homework to add a story on here about an example of intolerance in sport. You need to summarise what happened and explain why this is a bad example to be setting for young people who follow sport. Submit the story and add the link to gain this award.

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