To earn this badge you will need to create a simple program, and also find and correct mistakes in a program.
  1. Task 1 Create a simple program

    Upload a story to Makewaves that shows how you created a simple computer program.

    You might use Scratch, Scratch Jnr or Kodu to create your program, or your teacher might be able to help you find another tool to use. You could create an animation, or a game, or anything you like!

    The story you upload as evidence could contain a video of your program, or a written description, or some photos - or all three!

  2. Task 2 Find and correct mistakes in a program

    Once you have created your simple program, share it with other people in your class, or with your family or friends at home, and ask them for feedback.

    When you have got some feedback or comments about your program, go back and see what you can change or improve about it. Write about the improvements you made in a story, and upload it to Makewaves.

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