Fractions is one of the trickier concepts to grasp in the New (and Old) Curriculum. Hopefully this badge will help you to clarify your understanding and enable you to make links with other areas of maths such as Decimals and Percentages.
  1. Task 1 Problem Solving

    Some children visited the pond to see the tadpoles and frogs. They counted 20 animals in the pond.

    • 3/4 of the animals had already changed to frogs.
    • The rest were still tadpoles.
    • How many frogs were in the pond?
    • How many tadpoles were in the pond?
    • Explain how you know your answers are correct

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  2. Task 2 Fractions Gold Bars

    There are lots and lots of activities on Mathletics that will help you to learn about Fractions, such as Model Fractions and Equivalent Fractions. Your task (whichever year group you are in) is to complete all of your fractions activities and achieve Gold Bars for every single one. Upload a screenshot of this when you are completed.

  3. Task 3 What is an equivalent fraction?

    Explain what the term 'equivalent fraction' means. You should be able to show example of these and explain how you know they are equivalent. We would really like this to be a creative project, either in the form of a video, or something artistic such as a poster.

  4. Task 4 How many ways?

    Think about your evidence on Equivalent Fractions. How many different ways can you 'show' a 1/4. This could be in the form of images, written fractions (with different numerators and denominators) or any other way you can find to represent it.

  5. Task 5 Fractions of pizzas

    Have a look at these images - what fraction is each one representing? Which pizza would you prefer to eat (get more of) and why?

    A Fraction is made up of two numbers, each representing something different, can you explain what each of the numbers is showing and how that relates to the 'fraction/quantity'

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