You are amongst the upper echelon of Mathematicians! This is quite a complex badge to achieve, and will require you to show your determination and perseverance in many different areas of your learning.
  1. Task 1 World Education Games

    You have participated in the World Education Games. You will need to write a story, including a screen shot of your achievements during the Mathletics Day, detailing both your strengths and areas for future development.

  2. Task 2 Gold Award

    You have achieved not only Bronze and Silver, but also a Gold Mathletics Certificate. Upload a photograph of you proudly presenting and proclaiming your achievement!

  3. Task 3 All Gold Bars

    The Crowning achievement for any aspiring Mathlete. You have worked your socks off and managed to reach the pinnacle of your online learning. You will need to write a story of your journey to 'Gold Bar King'. Don't forget to include an image of you and your certificate!

  4. Task 4 Share your knowledge

    Take on the role of teacher. Create an instructional video for someone new to Mathletics. Make sure you cover the most important areas of the online platform, including Live Mathletics, Activities, Problem Solving and Your Avatar. You could work on this with a partner and credit the story and video to both of you.

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