The University of the First Age are going to be working with young people to design badges for all of our ‘Lead It’ programmes in 2014. This badge is our first ever badge! This badge is for young people and adults who are interested in how young people can get involved as leaders in their organisations.Do you believe young people can take on leadership roles? If the answer is 'yes' then take our pledge badge.
  1. Task 1 Research! Find out more about the UFA and why we think student leadership is so important

    Here’s a link to our Learning Essentials: Tell us: Are there any of these that stand out for you? Which is most important to you and why? Do you think we’ve missed anything really important?

  2. Task 2 Think and Talk! Spend some time pondering

    Talk to colleagues and students. Add a blog or video with some ideas on how young people could take on real leadership roles in your school.

  3. Task 3 Pledge Your Support!

    Tweet us to tell us what you plan to do. E.g. I believe young people can take on leadership roles in our organisation #YPLEADIT #voice @ufaorg @badgetheuk

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