This badge is awarded to any teacher or student who successfully swims the Atlantic Ocean.
  1. Task 1 Locate the Atlantic Ocean

    Using maps, satellite navigation, or a compass, find the Atlantic Ocean and ask someone to take a picture of you stood near or in it.Upload the picture to Makewaves.

  2. Task 2 Put on your swimming costume

    Choose some appropriate clothing for your big swim. Perhaps a Victorian-style all-in-one costume, or maybe something a little less restricting. It's up to you.Once you have chosen your costume, put it on, and upload a picture, video or drawing of you wearing it to Makewaves.

  3. Task 3 Swim the Atlantic

    It's a long way, but just think of the warm American welcome you'll get at the other side.Ask someone to video you as you take the plunge, and once you've made it to dry land, get the clip uploaded to Makewaves and earn your badge!

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