Since 2003 schools have used Makewaves to safely explore, create & connect online

  • Makewaves is the social learning environment that provides social media for education. It enables schools to create and safely share videos, podcasts and blogs. With a free Makewaves website you can easily start school blogging, join national campaigns and develop digital literacy skills.

    We make it safe to share blogs, videos and photos with friends, family and a real global audience. Young people can take part in fun learning missions created by high profile partners and earn rewards for their work.

    Over 65,000 students and 10,000 Teachers use Makewaves regularly to broadcast their school podcasts and videos to friends and family via the safe social network. With 180,000+ blogs and videos stories already online Makewaves is the place to hear what young people are saying. Join now to get your pupils voices heard.

    Who we work with:

    A selection of the organisations we have worked with.

What people say about us…

  • “At the forefront of education social networks” —The Guardian

  • “Makewaves has transformed learning in our school” —Aimee Barton, Teacher

  • “Participants confidence greatly improved in other aspects of their life” —EDCOMS Evaluation

  • “Children were motivated, challenged and incredibly excited” —Literacy Times Plus

  • “It only took ten minutes for me to be hooked” —Yvonne Wallace, Headteacher

  • “Makewaves is ace!” —Student, Parkhill Primary

  • Who are we

    Makewaves was set up by brothers Mark & Tim Riches in 2003. Having previously done pioneering work on online journals before E-books, and video conferencing before broadband, the brothers saw the potential of technology and asked - What if we let kids use these tools to put their own stories on the web?!

    Working with schools and researchers they developed the concept into the first full Makewaves site in 2003, originally called Radiowaves. This won them the BETT innovation award and started the Makewaves community. The early Makewaves schools embraced this new technology and soon many others were joining to share their work.

  • Tim and Mark’s vision was for every young person to be able to share their story with the world. To achieve this, in 2010 Makewaves Basic was launched to make Makewaves tools available for FREE to every school.

    Now, over a decade after the first project, Makewaves has grown into a global community of schools managed by a growing team of staff in Leeds, with a network of accredited trainers right across the UK. The Makewaves team includes teachers, broadcasters, journalists, developers, designers, project managers and trainers who all have one thing in common: a passion for helping young people share their story.

    To find out more about the people behind Makewaves follow us on twitter at @MakewavesTweets

  • The Makewaves Way

    Children are at the heart of everything we do

    Makewaves is made for young people. We provide a safe social network for their blogs, videos and stories to be shared with the world. We work with high profile partners to create unique opportunities and connections for all children.

    A safe space makes a creative place

    Makewaves provides a safe, moderated social network for children and young people to meet others and share ideas. Teachers and educators can easily support learners and check all content. Our trained and certified staff ensure Makewaves is a fun environment that encourages individual development and digital citizenship.

    Everyone has skills that should be celebrated

    Makewaves provides rich social media experiences that put young people in charge and challenge them to develop their skills for a real, global audience. Badges allow learners to evidence their skills and interests to colleges and employers.

  • Treat teachers like gods

    We know that teachers need access and control to effectively manage a whole world of learning in their school. Our school blogging tools are designed for teachers not technicians. Makewaves tools support proven teaching approaches such as peer assessment, personalised feedback and project based learning to increase attainment at all levels.

    Classrooms don't have walls

    Our mobile and tablet apps make creating, connecting and sharing simple and easy to do whether you are in or outside the classroom. Makewaves can be accessed in school or at home allowing learning to be connected across formal, informal and non-formal settings.

    Technology is a tool - it should be constantly sharpened.

    The Makewaves site is constantly being developed to ensure schools benefit from the very latest social media technology. Our approach to learning is a key part of our innovation - with new models of working, in depth evaluations and cutting edge research we ensure Makewaves is always at the forefront of education.