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26th Mar 15 14:02
I can't believe I'm writing my final blog post already, it only seems like yesterday that I first walked into The Children's Society unaware of all the amazing work that YCiF has been doing.Since Octo...
26th Feb 15 08:12
OK, I logged on earlier to mw(make waves) and saw the light camera parliament contest! This really interested me! Brittan could really use some new and BETTER laws and my idea of a new law was somethi...
20th Jan 15 16:17
Hi! As your probably aware the Children's Society re-branded which means that the Know your rights pack is undergoing a bit of change. Over the past 2 months I have been trying to come up with differe...
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some pictures and videos of the first few days
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At our meeting on Friday we came up with some ideas for the tagline for this years festival.
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Stories from the Champions Conference
Made at the Champins Conference
My digital story made at the Champions Conference
In this story i will be talking about my weekend in Castleton with both my and many different youth groups from all over Britain, on our experience of becoming a young carers champion and what it takes.
Our digital storytelling video from the Champions Conference
The Big Lottery Fund
Share your views!
The launch on 11th February, attended by young carers, celebrities and VIPs
We need your insights into how to make the most impactful resources that YCiF are developing this year.
YCiF is on the look out for any champions that have taken part in campaigning in your local area.