Innovation in Learning 2004 - 2018

Innovation in Learning 2004 - 2018

Makewaves closed on the 24th May 2018

For almost 15 years Makewaves provided a unique safe space for children to publish their work on the web. For the first time pupils' work went beyond the walls of the school. They learnt new skills and confidence through self-publishing and the stories that they shared inspired us all.

Makewaves’ groundbreaking work was recognised with a BETT Innovation Award in 2004 and at its peak the site had over 5,000 schools and 85,000 young people. It received BETT awards again in 2012 and 2016 with another innovation award based on the pioneering work for recognising children’s skills with Open Badges.

We want to say a huge thank you to all the Teachers on Makewaves, for their unwavering commitment to celebrating and sharing the creativity happening in their classrooms - often having to find space in between the core curriculum to make this happen. And to all the young people who have thrown themselves into creating and sharing their work. Their stories and creativity have driven our efforts since the beginning. Lastly to the team of dedicated software developers, designers, educators and agents for change who went above and beyond to build the Makewaves story. We can all be proud of the journey we’ve been on and impact we’ve had together.

Although Makewaves’ time has now passed, we continue to explore new ways to help people of all ages to use new technology creatively to develop their skills and connect with others.

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Best Wishes,

The Makewaves Team

Mark Riches, Tim Riches, Sharon Ashley, Lucy Lewis, Matt Rogers, Joe Weiler, Andrew Flowers, Katharine Courtney, Omid Mufeed, John Power, Luke Horwell, Paulo Oliveira and many others.

What Makewaves was all about

A safe social platform allowing children to learn, create and display their achievements.

An innovative way through the introduction of badges via an online learning platform.

Simple to setup and with powerful results.

Makewaves has enabled greater engagement from the kids in their learning, a growth in independence, a love of collaborating, an excitement about having an online presence.

Sam Gamblen - London Christian School

The use of the Makewaves site allows all our students, regardless of academic ability, the opportunity to create content in a safe educational environment.

Beth Smith - Catmose

Organisations we worked with

For Young People (Makers)

Young people can take part in fun learning missions created by Teachers and high profile partners and earn rewards for their work. We make it safe to share blogs, videos and photos with friends, family and the Makewaves community.

For Teachers (Publishers)

Transform your curriculum with Makewaves badges. We give you the control you need to deliver and manage learning online. Track progress, give feedback and support students of all levels. Easily capture learning across formal and informal settings via web, mobile or tablets.

Partners (we call you Mission Makers)

Organisations can create Missions at a national scale and enable teachers to engage with your topic and issue awards on your behalf.

For Parents/Carers

Parents/carers can be assured their child is part of a secure moderated community. They can follow their child's learning journey, provide encouragement and receive updates from the school to their mobile.

Mission Makers

Mission Shakespeare

Mission Shakespeare is the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust's new digital offer to extend children's learning beyond Shakespeare Week. Children can participate in a series of interactive and cross-curricular online challenges, inspiring them to learn about the work, life and times of William Shakespeare.

I thought the Shakespeare badges were terrific...we enjoyed the new badges and look forward to more great content from Makewaves!

Makewaves Community Member

Astro Challenge with Tim Peake

Six STEAM missions created with amazing partners designed to inspire the next generation of young space cadets by Tim Peake's very own mission to the International Space Station. Over 10,000 missions completed so far!

Great partners! We've loved delivering our badges with Makewaves!

Unlimited Space Agency @unspaceagency

Know your health with Public Health England

From stress busting to Flu Fighters, seventeen badges have been created to actively learn how to look after yourself and others.

We talk a lot about 'integration' or joining things up between health and other services. The digital badge concept and the Makewaves team are making this happen.

Kath Evans @NHSEngland

Young Carers

A four year programme led by the Children's Society working with young carers across England to build confidence and recognise their achievements.

Makewaves is an amazing platform, it has enabled young carers to achieve so much more than they ever thought they could and utilise the skills they learn through them in their local area.

Luella M @childrensociety

Community Badge Examples

The Ancient Greeks

Jones 795210

Snowfields School

Show your knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Greeks by completing the tasks set. Each task must be submitted as a post, and include text, images and where possible web links to resources you used. For the art task, you must show a photo of what you have created.

Ancient Greeks Evidence

Scratch Badge #1


Kestrel House

Year 5 - Science Unit 1 - Autumn Term. Complete the activites below to earn your first in a series of Science badges. you will have to work both independently on some tasks as well as collaboratively to complete this badge mission! Good Luck and we look forward to seeing your evidence.

Scratch Evidence

Mathematician Lv.1


Vestal Badges

You are well on your way to being the next mathematical genius. You can add and subtract like it's nothing! Take a picture of a math homework assignment that you have completed and have received back with an A check mark or a similar mark of completion made by your teacher.

Mathematician Evidence

Graphic Artist


Colmore Schools

You've earned the Graphic Artist Badge! To earn this badge you were able to make a piece of art on the computer and upload it as evidence. This work will enable you to earn your Graphic Artist badge and show off your design skills to your peers! Let's see what you can do!

Graphic Evidence